Small Business Saturday

Poor Small Business Saturday. It follows right behind Black Friday, you know, the day that gets all the attention and press. And, little cousin Cyber Monday is right around the corner, ready to capture all your dollars as you shop online for those great deals.

Small Business Saturday

As you recover from Black Friday and prepare for Cyber Monday I want to present an opportunity to you that you may not have considered before. We here at Rooted Blessings are passionate about Young Living Essential Oils and have been talking about them for years. We use them (and many other Young Living products) on a daily basis and have seen and felt their effectiveness.

Beyond the actual products, we are small business owners. I remember the first time I heard of Young Living. I was working full time for a non-profit organization and finishing up my Masters’ Degree. I didn’t have time to help my wife with the business but I trusted her and told her to have fun basically. Not the most supportive response! Anyway, fast forward 4 years and I am now at home full time helping run our small business. [Read more…]

7 Keys to Experience Amazing Health


Years ago when I started this blog I thought the mystery of health was ALL completely bound up in nutrition.  I thought if I ate the right foods and drank the right drinks; if I did it all perfectly my health problems would completely disappear. Now I’ve discovered that it simply isn’t true. In that type of thinking perfection quickly becomes bondage, and perfection is one of the the greatest tragedies that we can live in. This limited view of only part of the self and not the whole self can actually damage our quest to be healthy and well.

I have found this demand for perfection to be true in every community on cyber space and on the home front. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about our nutrition, if we are using our essential oils correctly, if we are parenting correctly, if we pick the right presidential candidate or if we do everything right in our relationships. The idea of perfection quickly becomes a road block and a cause of constant stress and disappointment.    [Read more…]

Healthy Living Black Friday Sale!


Thanksgiving is over and it is Black Friday again! Although I don’t LOVE braving the crowds and being out shopping on Black Friday I DO love amazing deals!  I’d mic I know you are getting completely bombarded with Black Friday deals today so I wanted to hand-pick my very favorites ones out there for you!  Take a look through each of these deals and see what will help you and your family have a very healthy holiday season and start to 2015!

Are you ready to have a happy, healthy, and wonderful holiday season and 2015?  Check out these life changing, holiday deals!

Here’s to good health for you and your family!  [Read more…]

Thieves Premium Starter Kit Giveaway {$235 Retail Value}


It is that time of the year again…

It is time to blast every single icky yucky thing out of the air and off the surfaces so that you can stay healthy and well and have a supported immune system this winter.

Now that I have started using Young Living oils I will NEVER go without Thieves in my natural remedy tool chest.  Thieves is absolutely AMAZING to support a healthy body (and trust me, there is no imitations that come close)!

Check out what it can do: [Read more…]

Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp


A few short months ago I purchased my very first Himalayan Salt lamp.  I had heard of its amazing benefits and I wanted to see for myself if it could support wellbeing like I had heard.  Now, that I have seen some amazing benefits from my Himalayan Salt lamp I want to purchase several more for my home. [Read more…]

Getting Started with Essential Oils: The Basics {Part 1}


I am sure you’ve heard the buzz about essential oils.  

If you haven’t heard the buzz then surely you have heard the murmurs.  It seems as though everyone is wanting to get their hands on essential oils these days.  Between Facebook and Pinterest I’m seeing dozens of essential oil posts each day.   Whenever I post a essential oil testimonial on my personal Facebook page many of my friends are always asking more questions about essential oils: how do I use them, what oils are good for what health struggles and where do I get them?   I also get lots of questions about essential oils from people who are rather new to natural or holistic health and may even be skeptical about essential oils, and want to know more about the science behind the oils. [Read more…]

How I Use Essential Oils in My Daily Routine


Welcome to a Rooted Blessings!  If you have stopped by from Going Granola Blog, a warm welcome to you!  I am so excited about being part of ‘A Day in A Life of an Oiler Series.’  It gives me a wonderful chance to show you how I use essential oils on a daily basis.

I’m very excited to share with you why I love…er…am obsessed with Young Living Oils!  For those of your who don’t know me yet, I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a Certified Childbirth Doula, a Family Herbalist, and an essential oil lover.  My first goal is always to use food as the greatest source of healing for the body, however there are so many other wonderful tools for healing support as well.   [Read more…]

31 Days to a More Vibrant, Healthy Family – Huge Wellness Resource Sale 52 Books at 95% Off

happy family jumping

I am so excited about what 2014 is going to bring for you and your family.  Your family can be healthier, happier and more vibrant in just 31 days from now as you make plans and follow through with your health goals.  Often changing your lifestyle can be a challenging road, but you will be stronger for it.  Your body and your family will thank you for a renewed sense of health and well-being.  [Read more…]

How to Use Essential Oils for Digestion

Essential Oils for Better Digestion

If you have been around Rooted Blessings long enough you know I LOVE me some Essential Oils.  I often encourage use of essential oils to aid in any almost any nutritional therapy protocol.   They can be a great tool to encourage healthy digestive function. Don’t miss out on my most recent oily post, over at 20 Something Allergies.

If you are interested in finding out the best brands of essential oils to start using I highly recommend Young Living Oils.   Your choice of oil brands can make an 100% difference when using them therapeutically.  For your health and the health of those around you, if you choose to enjoy therapy with essential oils please use the best oils possible.

5 Tools to Raise Healthy, Happy Children

5 Tools to Raise Healthy, Happy Children

Unless some of us moms struggled with being really sick before having children sometimes being crazy, crunchy, and wild health conscious seems too difficult or seeming ridiculous to figure out.  I have found that after having children, moms become very in tune that their children may need some other things in their diets to stay healthy.  An increasing number of children have been diagnosed with ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies.  No one can deny it, the Standard American Diet is depleting the health of the each one of us and for sure the mother’s of many babies being born each day.  More and more babies are being born colicky and so sick that they get irritated by their own mother’s milk. [Read more…]

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