Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp


A few short months ago I purchased my very first Himalayan Salt lamp.  I had heard of its amazing benefits and I wanted to see for myself if it could support wellbeing like I had heard.  Now, that I have seen some amazing benefits from my Himalayan Salt lamp I want to purchase several more for my home.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

A Himalayan Salt lamp is literally what it says it is.  It is a big rock of salt with a light bulb inside, it is mounted on a platform.  When the lamp is lit it emits a warm orange glow and can be used during the day and at night while sleeping.

When the bulb warms the salt the lamp it attracts moisture to the lamp and when they evaporate they emit negative ions that purify the air and allow those around them to breathe easier and more freely.  They are more inexpensive alternative than an air ionizer such as this one that is designed to purify the air and can take up less space.   Himalayan Salt lamps come in all shapes and sizes.  This is the exact one I purchased recently off Amazon, you can also buy the salt crystals in a basket with the lamp (such as this one).

What is the Value of Negative Ions? 

Negative Ions according to WebMD

Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Research and director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C.

“They also may protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation.”

In nature, there is an abundance of negative ions generated after a storm, in the mountains, at a waterfall or at the beach.  So, having a salt lamp (or several salt lamps) in your home can also help generate those feelings you might feel in those locations of wellbeing on a regular basis.  No wonder I LOVE living in the mountains and don’t want to leave.

Also from WebMD

Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

As I sit here typing this post I am sitting right next to my Himalayan Salt lamp.  Most of the day today I have had a scratchy throat and felt like I was coming down with a little bit of a cold.  Now that I am sitting here typing this and thinking about how wonderful my salt lamp is I’m noticing that my scratchy throat and runny nose are completely gone.  BOOM!

Your TV, computer, microwave and various electrical appliances will produce positive ions.  Since many of us use these items regularly in our home it is important to increase the use of Himalayan Salt lamps or other purifiers in order to have the continued benefit of negative ions throughout the home.  We really don’t know what an abundance of positive ions and lack of negative ions have on the body as far as disease states. However, it is easy to speculate their effect.

 Why should I Purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp? 

In summary, these fantastic salt lamps are helpful in

  • increasing alertness
  • increasing mood
  • decreasing allergy symptoms
  • increasing levels of serotonin which will also aid in healthy sleep patterns
  • alleviating symptoms of depression
  • decreasing stress
  • boosting energy
  • supporting the immune system

Be mindful…

There are Himalayan Salt Lamps sold that are replications of salt lamps.  This crystal is literally salt.  If you needed to you could crush it up into tiny pieces and flavor food with it.  If your lamp isn’t salty (yes, I actually licked mine to see if it was – should I be embarrassed to say that?) than it may be an imitation.  In order to produce the effects you want you do need an actual lamp of Himalayan salt so make sure you find a good source when purchasing them.  Salt Lamps can come in a variety of shades white, pink, peach orange and reds.

Suffering from allergy symptoms?  Read more about Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Himalayan Salt Lamp


  1. I just bought several for my home after reading from another blogger what you are supporting. I suffer a lot from sinus infections, and now that you mention it, it has been a lot better since putting a salt lamp in each room in my house.

    Thank you!

  2. Haley Zacharias says:

    I bought a salt lamp a few months ago, and I love the way it lights up my bedroom, but I haven’t noticed any difference in how I feel. How can I tell if mine is real or not?

  3. hi, i m a Malaysian n pls let me how to purchase this himalaya salt lamp.

  4. Are you supposed leave the lamps on all the time?

  5. Do they stop working ? If so what is its life expectancy?
    jo recently posted…6 Easy Ways to Assist the Body in Gentle DetoxMy Profile

  6. I bought a real Himalayan Salt “lamp” but it has a place for a tea light. The tea lights burn out quickly. Do you think using a candle warmer and setting the salt lamp on it, would work the same as a light bulb? Is the key to it’s effectiveness the heat?

  7. I have looked at these in the past and knew a little bit about them but I loved reading this and finding out more, THANKS!

  8. I have one and totally licked it right now. It’s legit! 🙂 Great post.

  9. Where can I purchase these Hymalyian Salt Lamps ?

  10. We bought two of these years ago when we lived in Germany. Finally found a light/plug that I can use in the states. You got me wondering, just kicks it and yep, it is real. Going to out it on the table next to my couch to enjoy the light.

  11. I purchased my lamp years ago not knowing the benefits. I just lovedt he way it looked. My bulb and electric cord did not last long. The salt would sweat on humid days and it got corroded and it was no longer safe to use the light. Is the salt rock without the light beneficial?

    • Becky Webb says:

      I think the lamp is most beneficial with the light since the heat helps the salt emit the ions. Maybe you could find a good light that can replace the one you had?

  12. I was wondering if its safe to leave on day and night? since it gets warm is it in anyway a fire hazard

  13. I have purchased a salt lamp I’m worried it’s a fake, it tastes salty yes but it does not seem to ever weep.
    I do live in Canada and it’s generally pretty dry around here.
    Any thoughts on if it’s a fake?

  14. Salt lamps are a blessing. I have one in all my bedrooms, the living room & children’s play room. Bought 1 on Amazon the others at homegoods. I have had them for about 4 years now and I leave them on 24-7. I have never turn them off just used the dimmer switch and turn the brightness down a little. The light bulb inside is actually a night light bulb and it did burn out after a little over a year. I went to target and bought a replacement bulb. . On the bottom I just pulled out the unit replaced the bulb and poof back to normal. The lamp doesn’t get hot so a fire is unlikely unless the unit itself is faulty. My husband has bad allergies and he has been great since buying the lamps. We also have a dog that sheds tumble weeds and this cuts down on dander and “dog smell”. Get a few of them you won’t regret it. Good luck and be well.

  15. I was given one over a year ago. It sits on the side of my bed were I charge my phones, tablet, computer etc.
    I wanted one for several years and was given one at Christmas. I was overjoyed! I keep it up high considering all the electrical items near it
    Thank you for writing on this.. I also tasted it, to see if it was salty.


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