5 Tools to Raise Healthy, Happy Children

5 Tools to Raise Healthy, Happy Children

Unless some of us moms struggled with being really sick before having children sometimes being crazy, crunchy, and wild health conscious seems too difficult or seeming ridiculous to figure out.  I have found that after having children, moms become very in tune that their children may need some other things in their diets to stay healthy.  An increasing number of children have been diagnosed with ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies.  No one can deny it, the Standard American Diet is depleting the health of the each one of us and for sure the mother’s of many babies being born each day.  More and more babies are being born colicky and so sick that they get irritated by their own mother’s milk. [Read more…]

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Don’t Your Wish Your House Could Clean Itself?

self clean

I do!  I wish my house could clean itself.

It can’t.

But, I do have 50 Non-toxic Cleaning Recipes at my fingertips that will clean my home for just pennies.  These 50 Money Saving recipes that work very well and clean my home like magic almost!  It’s a non-toxic kind of magic.  [Read more…]

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Are Your Frustrated with Trying to Lose Weight?

Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Have Your Cake and Loose Weight 2

I run into so many mammas that are looking to lose the weight they put on during pregnancy. These moms are so frustrated trying to lose weight that they can not get rid of. They try just about everything: count calories, cut out fat, eat more salad (you know all the things that “they” tell us to do). And, still the weight just sort of hangs around. It can be so discouraging for a mama who just wants to look and feel her best so that she can chase around those cute little boogers that she has.

Can you relate?

Danelle Wolford wanted to lose weight. She attempted to do it the drastic way by attempting a 30 day juice cleanse and then transitioned to a plant-based diet in order to lose the weight her body wouldn’t let go of. After a year on the plant-based diet she lost a little bit of weight, but still felt horrible. She moved away from the diet, started eating butter and started loosing weight!

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