The Amazing Health Benefits of Maca

The Amazing Benefits of Maca

Adaptogens help you respond to stress…

Who doesn’t need help responding to stress in our face-paced world?

Maca is an amazing plant that has been grown and used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. This nutrient dense tuber or root is grown in the Andes mountains of Peru.

One of the world’s few known adaptogenic herbs, you will want to make sure you keep this one in your pantry and consume it on a regular basis.

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30 Gelatin Recipes that will Transform Your Health


Gut problems are one of the foundational causes of nearly all of today’s health problems.  There is clearly an epidemic  of autoimmune conditions and other digestive disorders that plague the United States today.  Autoimmune conditions begin with a leaky gut and American’s have leaky guts far and wide.  No wonder autoimmune conditions are getting diagnosed at light speeds. [Read more…]

Should Pregnant Women Eat Liver?

Should Pregnant Women Eat Liver?

In November I posted 10 Nourishing Foods to Eat During Pregnancy and since then I have had several individuals inquiring about my top #2 food on the list, liver.    Unfortunately, liver happens to be a controversial food for pregnant mammas,  it is high in the fat soluble vitamin A which is picked on for being toxic to infants in the womb.  Hopefully, no doctor would even deny that a mother is in need of vitamin A for both her and her developing infant, but is there really too much vitamin A in liver? [Read more…]

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