30 Gelatin Recipes that will Transform Your Health


Gut problems are one of the foundational causes of nearly all of today’s health problems.  There is clearly an epidemic  of autoimmune conditions and other digestive disorders that plague the United States today.  Autoimmune conditions begin with a leaky gut and American’s have leaky guts far and wide.  No wonder autoimmune conditions are getting diagnosed at light speeds.

So, what can you do to avoid a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition? How can you protect your family from the discomfort of havoc being reaped on the body from an autoimmune attack?

The first place to start is to heal your gut.  In order to heal your gut you must first remove any foods that cause you an allergic response.  One of the ways you can find out if foods are causing an allergic response is to take a pulse allergy test.  This test is easy enough to do it at home.

Another method of attack on the disease that is plaguing your body is to begin eating gelatin daily.  Gelatin is an amazing super food that really can transform your health.  The Gelatin Secret: The Surprising Superfood that Transforms Your Health and Beauty has become one of my favorite ebooks.  No diet should be without this fantastic superfood.

I encourage every single one of my clients to eat gelatin.  The health benefits are amazing.

What is gelatin?

Gelatin is a natural thickener that comes from the bones and hides of animals.

What are the health benefits of gelatin?

  • Gelatin can help you lose weight
  • Give you beautiful hair, nails and skin
  • Help you fight tooth decay
  • Help you fight autoimmune conditions and/or digestive problems
  • Heal joints
  • It can also reduce or get rid of wrinkles or stretch marks
  • fantastic source of protein

Gelatin has been known to do all these things and it is a safe method for healing the body.

30 Recipes that Will Transform Your Health 

Power Oatmeal from How We Flourish

Egg McMuffins From Paleo Gone Sassy

Homemade Fruit Snacks from Kulua Mama

Fruit and Veggie Gummy Snacks from Live Simply

Healing Herbal Team Gummies from Cinnamon Eats

Pumpkin Pie Gummies from Raia’s Recipes

Easy Strawberry Fruit Snacks from Raia’s Recipes

Cold and Flu Buster Gummies from Don’t Mess with Mama

Homemade Candy Gummies from Whole New Mom

Stained Glass Window Jello from Keeper of the Kitchen

Homemade Jello from Oh Lardy

Paleo Horchata Jello from Cinnamon Eats

Layered Gelatin dessert from Real Food RN

Almond Gelatin from The Real Food Guide

Nettle Gelatin from It Takes Time

Whipped Coconut Pudding from Whole New Mom

Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie with Strawberry Gelle from Red and Honey

No Bake Coconut Macaroons  from Whole New Mom

Chocolate Ganache Pie from Just Enjoy Food

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cups from Just Enjoy Food

No Bake Key Lime Pie Shooters from Just Enjoy Food

Pistachio Fig Panna Cotta from Cinnamon Eats

Paleo Turkish Delight Panna Cotta from Cinnamon Eats

Paleo Peach Cobler from Paleo Gone Sassy

Coconut Berry Smoothie From Divine Health from the Inside Out

Citrus Coconut Panna Cotta from Whole New Mom

Coconut Chocolate Mousse from Eat Play Love

Homemade Marshmallows from Whole New Mom

Chocolate Almond Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream from Whole New Mom

Peach Tea and Banana Iced Latte from Raia’s Recipes

What to know more about how this fantastic super food can change your health?


13332032495_2910f2efbc_zMake sure you grab a copy of the Gelatin Secret by Sylvie from Hollywood Homestead.  In it you will find real food stories, detailed information about how gelatin will heal your body, plus 45 fantastic sweet and savory recipes that will making including this super food in your diet daily easy peasy.






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  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing some of my recipes! 🙂
    Raia recently posted…The Spring Cleaner SmoothieMy Profile

  2. Becky,
    Hey I work with your Mom! I was talking to her about how great gelatin is and was giving her recipes out of the Gelatin Secret book when she tells me how her daughter is an NTP! She gave me your website to check out and there was the gelatin post! Lol. I will graduate as an NTP in October. I am looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I told Sheryll she should really read your blog! I will text her the link. 🙂

    • Becky Webb says:

      Hey Phoebe! My mom was telling me about you! I’m glad you are stopped by! And, I’m glad you are passing on some good info to my mom! Keep telling her! (It’s always harder to be a family member giving it out, LOL) Yes, I graduated from the program last October. I hope you are enjoying it. SO MUCH FANTASTIC INFO! I need to review all mine. 🙂 It is for sure an amazing program. He he. Thanks.

  3. I really love these grass-fed gelatin recipes!. Especially the chocolate ones!.

  4. Hi Becky, is there a vegetarian alternative? I’m assuming that it won’t have the same benefits?

  5. Thanks so much. I’ve been trying to convince people to use Gelatin for a couple years now.
    Anyone have testimonials regarding Fibromyalgia?
    I know someone that has that terrible disease.
    Word of wisdom, do not mix with pineapple since the pineapple breaks down gelatin.

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