Is Your Home Toxic and Causing Your Allergy Symptoms?


Current statistics indicate that American’s spend 90% of their time indoors.

Not only do Americans spend 90% of the their time indoors, the United States consumer product safety commission reports that indoor air quality is most times much worse than outdoor air quality just about everywhere.  (See source.)

There is no mistake about it, our bodies are on toxic overload.  If your doctor tries to tell you otherwise I think they have stuck their head in the sand.  

After working with many in my clinical practice who struggle with allergies on a regular basis I have found that many of them have leaky gut and are even allergic to their own homes.   Many people will develop allergic symptoms to toxic mold spores, new materials such as a new mattress or new home materials, cleaning products, and personal care products.

If you haven’t begun eliminating toxic products from your home, don’t you think it is time?

Allergy symptoms can just be the tip of the iceberg.  Countless others struggle with a liver that is fatty and unable to filter toxins from the body due to a poor diet.  Allergy symptoms are often the result of a leaky gut and poor digestion as well.  Many times your indoor air quality can irritate all these things and make you miserable.

In order to begin to eliminate allergies riding your indoors of unwanted toxins is a great first step towards better health.

Here are some of the easiest ways to begin to improve the quality of your indoor air: 

1.  Purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp for one or more of your rooms –   I just purchased one of these for our home, WOW it makes a major difference.  Studies have shown that Himalayan Salt Lamps clean the air by emitting negatively charged ions.  These ions literally can aid in restoring air quality.  These salt lamps can literally can help with energy levels and allergies.  They can rejuvenate the body and make the air easier to breathe.  Salt lamps are also helpful in blocking damaging electromagnetic waves from electronic devices. Who doesn’t need help with that around their home?

2. Keep live plants in your home – Live plants are one of nature’s ways of purifying and cleaning the air for us.  Just don’t be like me and forget to water your plants.  I’m so sorry poor plants, I never remember to water you.   Plants will literally draw toxins out of the air by taking them into their root systems and breaking them down.

3. Replace your air fresheners and candles with essential oils – Air fresheners can cause all kinds of problems in the home, everything from migraine headaches to allergy symptoms.  Candles also often contain toxic chemicals that are released when burned.  Using pure 100% therapeutic grade essential oils are a fantastic way to not only eliminate toxic air fresheners and candles, but essential oils promote a healthy body as you diffuse them!  (These are the only essential oils I will use with my family and recommend to friends.)

4. When painting or redecorating purchase items with organic compounds – Purchasing products like a new mattress can be extremely toxic.  When examining companies for mattresses or home furnishing it would be wiser to by used products that have already gassed off the  majority of their toxins or purchase items with organic compounds that are non-toxic. The same goes when painting your home, paint can give off dangerous VOCs that can cause many allergic reactions. Look for low allergen paints with little or no VOCs.

5. Replace cleaning products with homemade or truly healthful cleaning products – Currently, my favorite cleaning products to use are my Thieves cleaners from Young Living.  Cleaning 99.96% of bacteria (see source), yes please!  (Where to buy.)  I know they not only get the job done that I need, but they are extremely wonderful for my health.  Who says you can’t clean your home and get healthier at the same time?  Store bought cleaning products are extreme toxic and will cause harm to you and your family.

6. Keep your home dusted and vents clean – Eliminate toxins that have settled and been filtered through your air by cleaning your vents and dusting regularly.  For some people this is easier said than done.  Hello three small children.  However, I do my best to keep our home dust free and I make sure hubby is keeping the screens in the vents clean.

If mold spores are an issue in your home you will want to make sure you are taking steps to drastically eliminate these as well.  Diffusing Thieves essential oil in the air may eliminate mold spores since it contains essential oils known to do so (see source).  I have found that for individuals who suffer from allergies diffusing Thieves once a day for 30 minutes at a time can be extremely helpful. (Where to buy Thieves.)

Enforcing proper air quality along with a nutrient dense diet can drastically help improve allergies and symptoms.


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  1. I think some of those are pretty fluffy like the lamp or ensuring only organic ingredients in things but I agree with air fresheners and plants. You might want to add testing for radon gas (second leading cause of lung cancer), removing old carpet and getting hepa filter or at least a decent filter (changed regularly) on your furnace.

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