Sloppy Lentil Recipe


Y’all I am a BIG fan of meat. BIG FAN.  I wouldn’t ever give it up or encourage anyone to give it up, but meat from good sources can be expensive.  Most of the time, I do feel that the expense is totally worth it for total body health and taste.

I remember eating lots of Sloppy Joes growing up.  Most likely because they were an easy meal for my mom to make.   This Sloppy Lentil recipe is also a very easy dish to make.      My family and I are on a limited budget and we attempt to go meatless at least one or two days a week.  I typically look for great recipes with adequate protein.  I also try to add in a little bit of animal fat here or butter in these recipes if I can to make sure my family gets the fat that it needs.  [Read more…]

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