Meet The Webb Family: Our healing Journey {Part 1}


This post is extremely overdue.

I think I have waited to long to introduce to you my sweet family and share with you much of our journey into natural health and our progress towards healing.   We by no means eat perfectly all the time, both my husband and I and my children have had our share health struggles too.   It is hard to get away from craving pizza, mac & cheese, ice cream and fast food at times, but the more we practice our healthy living lifestyle, the better we get at it and the better we feel.  We get sick less often.  

I also understand that sometimes eating healthy can get very expensive if we aren’t mindful of what we are eating and buying.  And, I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT!  My family and I live on a very tight budget.  My nutritional education makes sure that I do everything that we can to cut any corners that we need to put adequate money in our food budget, or find other means to gain the good food that we need like bartering, growing  a business, or growing our own.

I am always extremely amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself as I learn more and more about how the body works.  When it has the right tools, and the right food to do what it needs to do you will have more energy, vitality, mental health, and an over all sense of well-being.  This is the reason that I chose to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  It’s why I use essential oils and herbs.  My heart longs for you to have a stronger, healthier family too.

If you have read my About Me page then you know  that My father is a Chiropractor (as was my grandfather).  I have always had a passion for natural healing, especially in a world with a broken food system and a broken medical system.  Don’t get me wrong, medicine can sometimes be very helpful and necessary.   But, I have found that the greatest medicine for us has been to stay out-of-the-way of the doctor’s office as much as possible.

I believe I can count on one hand how many times we have been to a doctor’s office in the past 5 years.  We don’t go there, we don’t do it.  We haven’t needed it.  That doesn’t mean that we are never sick, but running to the doc is just not our first response when the body’s immune system is down.  Instead, we encourage it to heal, the way that God designed it to do.

Meet My Family:

HubbyThis is the hubby.  He is a fantastic hubby and a family man.  When hubby and I married, I had already known that he had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.   Poor guy was put on Synthorid by a doctor that did a horrible joy of adjusting his medication or forgetting to call it in!   Ugh!  Hubby had heart palpitations and other issues.  He wanted to get off.  I supported it in this decision. I felt like I could help him naturally, we couldn’t really afford an expert practitioner at the time.

Hubby’s health starting sliding downhill pretty drastically. We often joke that we need a re-do on our honeymoon because he spent most of it sleeping.  I was trying to feed him what I thought was a “healthy” diet.  No fat, no salt.  No wonder he was just getting worse.  After our son was born we convinced him to get his blood checked again.  The doctor’s response was, “I can’t believe you aren’t in a coma.”  Hubby was S-I-C-K!  We got him back on Synthorid immediately.

Since then I have spent a lot of time reading and educating myself of the thyroid.  There is always more reading to do, but through a good, solid Nutritional Therapy Protocol he is feeling the best he has in a long time.  He travels often and he now recovers so much faster, has more motivation, little to no depression, and feels great most of the time.  Yay!  I know there is still more healing to do, but it is so exciting to see him bounce back quickly from illness and just feel better. (I have been so stressed over the years with his health.)  We now have him off synthroid and he seems to be thriving on a natural thyroid supplement and a few others to help balance his body.  He doesn’t any longer eat gluten and he’s kicked his soda habit.  He’s also more in tune with his body and can feel it when he’s eaten something that is bringing him down.

Yay!  His immune response is starting to come back.  I get excited when he gets sick with common colds once in a while (isn’t that strange, he he).  His body seemed so depressed that he wouldn’t really ever get common sicknesses.  Now he does.  That isn’t always fun, but his body does seem like it is detoxing itself once again.  Whoo hoo for progress!

Hubby could still most likely use some detox.  Once we get a little more time on this healing progress we are going to get him started on one.  I’d also really like to look into getting his mercury fillings replaced in the future.  He’s got a lot of them.  But, one good thing is that the last time he went to the dentist he went from having four cavities (that we never did anything about) to only one!  Yay for the body doing what it is supposed to do to heal!

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