Work at Home with Essential Oils


“If I could make just $500 extra a month.”

I remember these words coming out of my mouth on nearly a daily basis.  My husband and I have been on a super tight budget for years.  We have always had just enough to pay our bills and purchase exactly what was necessary.  We always thought it would be nice to have just a little extra money in our pockets for a little bit of breathing room.

During this time, I felt like I really needed to stay at home with my children and do what I could to figure out how to work from home.

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How I became a Successful Work-At-Home Mom


When I was a child my mom stayed at home to raise us while my father worked.  

As a parent I always have wanted to do the same thing for my children.  Over the years, my husband and I have figured out how to live on very little in order to support our family of five on one small non-profit salary.  Many times, when we’ve shared what his income has been I have people saying, “Are you kidding me, that’s all you live on?  How do you do it?”  And, most of those people have no idea how much my nutritionally minded self spends and wants to spend on good food.  It is a very important part of my life. [Read more…]

Natural Teething Remedies

Natural Teething Remedies

It is so hard on mommies and daddies when our tiny little babies start getting their teeth.  You know that it hurts them so much to have those teeth break through the gum.  It is clear that the loss of sleep is hard on baby and parents.  I have parents asking me all the time if I could share with them effective natural teething remedies for their little ones.     [Read more…]

Paleo Kindergarten Lunches {Gluten-free, Grain-Free} — The First Day of School


My oldest baby went to  Kindergarten this morning.

I am so incredibly grateful that God gifted me with this amazing, sweet baby boy.  As he is off to school today I can’t help but be grateful for every second with him, and at the same time grieve a bit over the times that I have been a failure as a mom.    I know, I can’t be a perfect mom.  I tell my children all the time that mommy needs forgiveness too.  But, sometimes during moments like these, it still hurts a little bit to know there are many times that I’ve spoken too harshly to my children and been a frustrated mom.  If only I could stuff some of those words and harsh tones back in my mouth.   [Read more…]

Flash Sale: 62 Audios on Healing the Family Naturally and Healthy Living


Flash Sale: Get an additional $20 off the Introductory price! 

No coupon needed!  Save $20 from Saturday, April 12 through Monday April 14 at 5:00 am.

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The Nourished Living Summit – FREE online Natural Parenting Online Health Event


I am in multiple parenting forums and I work with moms on a regular basis as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a childbirth Doula. I KNOW the questions that moms are asking, I have blogged about a few, and I have asked many of them myself.   The Nourished Living Summit has so many of the answers you have been looking for.  These experts listed are qualified professionals that can help you with your parenting struggles, help you to be a better parent, and get the information you need for a healthy family. [Read more…]

How to Safely Use Essential Oils for Babies and Children

How to Safely Use Essential Oils for Babies and Children

Your little one’s safety has been entrusted to you…

You want to make sure you use essential oils wisely. [Read more…]

Meet The Webb Family: Our healing Journey {Part 1}


This post is extremely overdue.

I think I have waited to long to introduce to you my sweet family and share with you much of our journey into natural health and our progress towards healing.   We by no means eat perfectly all the time, both my husband and I and my children have had our share health struggles too.   It is hard to get away from craving pizza, mac & cheese, ice cream and fast food at times, but the more we practice our healthy living lifestyle, the better we get at it and the better we feel.  We get sick less often.   [Read more…]

Think You are “Not Cut Out to Be a Mom?”: How Adrenal Fatigue Can Ruin Your Mothering Mojo

How Adrenal Fatigue Can Ruin Your Mothering Mojo

If I had a quarter for every time a mom said, “I’m just not cut out to be a mom.” I think I’d be rich!  Really, really rich.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said it myself I think I’d be able to pay off my house!

So, if you have ever uttered the words, “I am just not cut out to be a mom”, you are not alone.  And truth be told, you most likely are cut out to be a mom, but you may not have the tools that you need to feel like it. [Read more…]

40+ Real Food, Real Healthy Snacks for Kids

40+ Real Food Snacks for Kids

Snack time at our house usually goes something a little like this…

Kid: “Mom, can I have a snack?”

Me: *Cringe* “Um…sure honey, what would you like?”

Kid: “I don’t know. How about a banana?”

Me: “OK” *Gives kid Banana*

Kid: *Finishes Banana* “Mom, I’m still hungry.”

And, the vicious cycle begins again.

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