Hearty Lentil and Ground Beef Soup


Do you need a warm pick-me-up to get past the winter chill?

It is that time of winter, that time where I’m just itching to see that green grass start peeking out along the side of the road.  I can’t wait to see the trees and flowers start to bloom again.  I’m ready to go outside without my coat on and enjoy the sunshine tanning my arms.  Since it is still January and I live in the mountains, maybe I am in need of a tropical vacation somewhere instead.  I’m not sure it is quite the time of year to hope for the winter chill to be gone, yet.   The dead of winter isn’t going anywhere for a while.

There is nothing like warming up to a bowl of one of my favorite meals during the coldest part of winter.  This Hearty Lentil and Ground Beef soup will hopefully give you a little comfort to take some of the chill out of winter time.  Not only it is super yummy, it is frugal too.  Fresh produce and other foods in the winter time can be so expensive, I’ve found that if I haven’t put up enough food from the bounty of summer that I really need to  make by budget stretch in the winter months.

This meal which contains ground beef, lentils, and some other tasty veggies will most definitely fill up your tummy and nourish your body.  It is comfort food, I tell you. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.  If you make your own beef broth this soup will contain an extra nutritional punch that will also boost your immune system.

I think that you will love this healthy recipe as much as I do.  Make it the next time the temperatures are about to drop, you will be thankful you did.

Hearty Lentil and Ground Beef Soup

3 medium carrots diced
2 stalks of celery diced
3 cloves of garlic diced
1 lb of ground beef
3 cups of green lentils
2 tsp Real Salt or Unrefined sea salt
1 T Parsley
1 tsp chili powder
2 tsp season salt (this is my favorite)
1/4 tsp black pepper
2 quarts beef broth
additional salt and pepper to taste
3T Animal fat for cooking
5 cups of filtered water for soaking lentils

1. Soak lentils in warm water for 2-6 hours in order to deactivate nutrients that inhibit digestion.

2. Melt 3 T of animal fat (I used bacon grease.) in a medium stock pot or dutch oven over medium heat.  (This is my favorite pot to use!)  Saute carrots, celery, and garlic for a few minutes until semi-tender.

3.  Drain and discard water from lentils and add them to the pan.  Along with the beef stock and spices.

4. Simmer for an hour until lentils are tender and flavors meld.

5. Serve warm, garnish with my Zesty Fermented Salsa if you desire.


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