10 Uses for Thieves Essential Oil


It is so important to support a healthy immune function.

I know that you want to keep your healthy body, healthy all winter summer spring and fall.  Here are a few ways that you can support a healthy immune system with Thieves Essential Oil blend.  It’s a gift from heaven.  I promise!

Thieves essential oil known for its immune supporting properties is one essential oil that I have found that really helps us over the hump when we are trying to avoid coming down with something.

Thieves oil has kind of a funny name doesn’t it?  Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary.  It gets its name because legend has it that French thieves covered themselves in a similar blend during the plagues to loot from the dying.  So the legend goes, that these thieves never got sick because of their use of their strategic use of the oils.

This blend is by far the most popular blend that Young Living sells.  My family uses it on a regular basis and it is most definitely one of my go-to immune supports along with my Vitamin C, Zinc, D3, and elderberry syrup to keep the nasty stuff away.

Just what is Thieves Oil Good For and How Can You Use It?

1. To take advantage of immune supporting properties, apply Thieves oil to the bottoms of your feet or your children’s feet.

2. Use my Immune supporting Bath Recipe.

3. Take advantage of its POWERFUL cleaning properties.  This cleaning bad-boy does everything you want a cleaner to do.  You can purchase a Thieves cleaner from Young Living.  Or, you can make your own.  Use my recipe here.

4. Diffuse it to purify the air.  There are hospitals around the country to do a little diffusing once in awhile. In order to stretch your oily dollar further, just diffuse a 1/2 hour at a time until the aroma dissipates.

5. Ingest a few drops when sick to take advantage of the immune supporting properties.  Don’t do this with any old oil.  Essential oils taken internally is a bit controversial.  However, I have only benefited from using it this way.  DO NOT, ingest any blend of Thieves oil.  I ONLY encourage ingesting Young Living Thieves oil because of their seed to seal guarantee. They only use organic plant matter from their own farms or small farms that they know the sustainable practices.  They then inspect the oils carefully to make sure you are getting a pure oil without toxins or pesticides.  I would caution this use with children and pregnant women.

6. Rub in your hands for a hand purifier.  Rub a drop on your hands or add a drop or two to a small spray bottle with filtered water and a 1/2 teaspoon of Epsom salt and shake well.  Spray on your hands as needed, grocery carts or other areas you want to purify.

7.  Make your own spray with epsom salt, water and spray it on your throat as a preventative measure.  Keep a healthy body, healthy!

8. Add to a paste with baking soda and water and scrub your bathtub with it.  Actually, I do this with my Thieves cleaner concentrate all the time.  I just use it to soak up baking soda and its fantastic!

You may have noticed there are not 10 ways to use Thieves Essential Oils on this post. Due to FDA guidelines I had to remove some of them.  Be sure to do your research on all the amazing ways you can use Thieves essential oil.  It will for sure change your life!

These are some of my favorite uses for Thieves Essential Oil. And, there are lots more ways to use it too.  I had to remove a few due to  Click here for more information on how to get started in adding Thieves into your daily life.

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