My Essential Oils Don’t Work, Now What?

Essential Oils Don't Work

So, I tried essential oils and they don’t work for us…

I have only heard this phrase a handful of times, but I know there are some people out there that feel this way.

Maybe that someone is you.  You’ve heard the hype, you’ve tried the essential oils and maybe they aren’t the miracle you were hoping for.

Most of the time “essential oils don’t work” is not what I hear about Young Living oils. Most of my new members are head over heels IN LOVE with their essential oils if they purchased a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living.  Some of these members were previously using super cheap online or local health food store essential oils, and just didn’t see the life changing benefit everyone was talking about.  Of course, I’m not surprised since these oils are of lesser quality.

And, every once in a while I do come across a person that is honest enough to tell me that their Young Living oils don’t seem to be making a difference in their daily lives.

This is always very sad for me to hear.  We use our Young Living oils on a daily basis.  Since essential oils have cleansing properties to them they can literally support your body to do what it was designed to do!  Live vibrantly.

If you are one of the ones that honestly says, “My essential oils don’t work.” This post is for you.  Here is my best advice on how to use essential oils to benefit you and your family.

Always Use Young Living – Yup, I admit I am biased.  I wasn’t so biased when I got started into essential oils, but using these Seed to Seal Guaranteed oils have made ALL the difference for our family.  If a company owns their own farms (Young Living does) and participates in every part of the farming process (not everyone does) these oils are the best from the seed to the seal.  These really are the highest quality out there with the most variety of choices.

Apply Frequently –  Applying your essential oils once during the day with a LOT of drops of essential oil at a time isn’t going to cut it.  The oils applied topically to the body get metabolized in the liver about 2.5 hours after application.  To keep those babies surging through the blood it is better to apply a drop or two in a carrier oil every hour or two hours.  You will see the best results this way.

Rotate Your Oils – I have found that rotating my essential oils helps with supporting the body to heal much faster.  I have seen, that by rotating Frankincense and Thieves every couple of hours, it will super power them to work when giving the body what it needs.

Ningxia Red – This drink is like the magic superfood in a bottle.  If you want to enhance your oil use drink an ounce or two or three or four daily.  I have experienced the amazing supportive benefits for the immune system when drinking it on a regular basis.

Chewable C – Vitamin C is known to help with the body’s normal detoxification processes.  I feel like giving my kiddos the Chewable C on a regular basis can help magnify how well the oils work in supporting what is needed.

Sulfurzyme – Sulfur can be found in the diet in onions and cruciferous veggies. Sulfur is very important for the transport of cells in the body. When an individual is using essential oils or some other natural tool that rely on cell transport to see results if the body is lacking, you may not see results.  Essential oils do rely on the cellular transport mechanisms.  Adding Sulfurzyme or a similar supplement to the diet several times a day could really show results in a week or two.

After all is said and done, if your immune system is struggling make sure you cut out sugar and processed foods.  Changing the diet to a whole foods diet in conjunction with using essential oils can be a powerhouse!

All the supplements mentioned above are Young Living supplements.  They can be easily purchased at wholesale by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living essential oils.  The Premium Starter Kit is the best deal you can find anywhere.  Price it out, you’ll see.  

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  1. I’m still new to the world of oils – I only use peppermint, lemon, tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus on a regular basis. What I’ve used and HOW I’ve used them so far, I’ve been amazed. Great post. Totally love that you mentioned quitting sugar and processed foods, too. It all makes a difference. 🙂 🙂
    Rachael @ Love Yourself Green recently posted…If You Get Nervous Before Job Interviews, Don’t Be Sorry You Didn’t Try This Easy Confidence Booster Before It StartsMy Profile

  2. What kind of chewable vitamin C do you use with your children? All the ones I’ve found have too much sugar or colorants that I don’t want.

  3. Those chewable C s are soooooo good!!! They actually satisfy a night time sweet tooth when I take the serving size before bed. great topic. I think another factor could be oils may not work for someone whose body is so toxic and unhealthy. The body is like, “what’s going on!?” And it detoxes and the person gets sick. Then blames the oils.

    • Becky Webb says:

      That is a good point Angela. Yes, typical detox symptoms can easily look like sickness. That person may not realize that these oils are really doing wonders on their very toxic body.

  4. I find it a scam. it’s all in the mind. I did it and nothing happened.

    • Becky Webb says:

      I’m sure you didn’t use Young Living then. If you are familiar at all with herbal remedies there is no scam about it.

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