Butter Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

Ice Cream Recipe


This Butter Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream recipe is so amazing!  I’m mean really…nom, nom, nom.  I can barely wait until I get some more farm fresh milk to scoop the cream off the top to make it again.

Ice cream is lovely anytime of year, but in the summer time it seems especially lovely!  This sweet bowl of goodness tastes just like those fabulous little butter mints.  You know the ones.  They have those artificial pastel colors, you pop them in your mouth and they melt right there on your tongue.  They are sometimes called after dinner mints.

Mints like these…

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Doesn’t this ice cream flavor just sound like a delightful end to a warm summer day?

We think so too!

Butter really does make everything better.

Is your mouth watering yet?

What?  You don’t have an ice cream maker you say?


You know, this is why I choose to give away an ice cream maker this month.  I just couldn’t wait to share this recipe with you.

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Store bought ice cream can contain all kinds of yucky stuff like high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes and flavorings, carageenan (which is known for causing cancer) and lots of other processed stuff.  These highly processed foods are what makes our cells sick and unable to communicate properly, and cause our tummies to be inflamed without the ability to digest the foods we eat properly.

Homemade ice cream can contain tasty nutrient dense goodness that can make your body happy.  The ingredients in this recipe make my body very happy!


Butter Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe


2 Cups Whole Milk (I prefer farm fresh milk)

2 Cups Cups Heavy Cream (I scrape it right off the top of my milk)

3/4 Cup Raw Local Honey

1/2 teaspoon of unrefined salt  (I’ve been using Real Salt Sea Salt )

1 teaspoon vanilla extract (I make my own.)

1 teaspoon peppermint extract

3 tablespoons pastured butter or ghee melted (Kerrygold  is my current fave)


Wisk all ingredients above together and pour in ice cream maker per the manufacturers directions.   You may want to keep the chocolate chips out and slowly pour them in while the ice cream is mixing if your unit allows you to do so.



  1. Our family had one when I was a kid, and I would love to share that with my family. Since icecream runs through our veins, would love it! Love my Cuisinart!

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