Special Webinar Event: How to Use Essential Oils for an Amazing Pregnancy and Birth

So, you are expecting?  Congratulations!!!!

This live event has passed, BUT you can watch the replay on the link below.  Check it out!

Ever since I started using essential oils, several months ago with the clients that I Doula, every single one has been amazed at the healing powers of essential oils.   It hasn’t taken much besides allow them to use my oils to make them believers.  And, each one of those clients are so thankful that I introduced them to this wonderful world of natural healing for pregnancy and childbirth discomforts without the use of over the counter or prescription drugs. 

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How to Use Food & Herbs to Keep Iron Levels Sufficient During Pregnancy

How to Use Herbs and Food to Keep Iron Levels Sufficient during pregnancy

Sufficient Iron levels during pregnancy are so important…

A pregnant woman’s body has an increased need for iron during pregnancy.   Iron is a major component to hemoglobin which is your blood protein that is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body via the blood and to the placenta.  Since iron is a metal, it is imperative that there is balance of it in the body.  Too much iron can be toxic, while too little iron can cause fatigue or anemia. [Read more…]

DIY Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath

Postpartum Herbal Stiz Bath

I am constantly amazed…

At, the body’s ability to create a tiny little human being.  A little bean that grows in to a baby.  That baby grows into a little mini person.  As a childbirth doula, I never tire of the beauty of birth.   [Read more…]

10 Nourishing Foods You Should Eat During Pregnancy {Part 1}

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How to Write a Birth Plan: Be Prepared for Labor & Delivery

How to Write a Birth Plan


Does writing a birth plan seem overwhelming to you?

Do you feel like there are just too many options to consider?

Do you not even know where to start?

In this easy to follow guide, I give new moms great tips and tricks on how to write a birth plan that will be followed by caregivers, nurses, the birth team and other health professionals.  Put together a birth plan that is easy to read and follow so that your choices get carried out as you wish.  Have an empowered, satisfied childbirth experience where you and your partner are fully educated on the childbirth process and calling the shots.  You never want to feel helpless, or like routine hospital procedures are being done to you.  Instead, you will be prepared for a gentle and satisfying birth experience.  [Read more…]

Are You Getting Enough Water During Your Pregnancy?

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