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The cleanest house, hands, teeth, and children’s toys you will ever have…

This stuff is AMAZING!  This stuff not only cleans stuff crazy good, but it also supports the immune system like no body’s business. Oh, and did I mention it is non-toxic? [Read more…]

Essential Oils to help you feel good this winter

good winter

Are you looking for something to support your healthy immune system this winter?

I always like to recommend a proper traditional diet as well as a few other things in order to keep the body healthy, but I am a major fan of using essential oils to keep that healthy life on track.  Sometimes, even a healthy body needs support.  I also recommend starting with gut healing support, and some Chiropractic adjustments right alongside your essential oil protocol.   [Read more…]

10 Handmade Gifts Using Essential Oils

10 Handmade Gifts that Use Essential Oils

I’ll admit it.  I have a growing obsession with essential oils.

I love them! [Read more…]

How to Use Essential Oils for Digestion

Essential Oils for Better Digestion

If you have been around Rooted Blessings long enough you know I LOVE me some Essential Oils.  I often encourage use of essential oils to aid in any almost any nutritional therapy protocol.   They can be a great tool to encourage healthy digestive function. Don’t miss out on my most recent oily post, over at 20 Something Allergies.

If you are interested in finding out the best brands of essential oils to start using I highly recommend Young Living Oils.   Your choice of oil brands can make an 100% difference when using them therapeutically.  For your health and the health of those around you, if you choose to enjoy therapy with essential oils please use the best oils possible.

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Blends that Work!

Essential Oil Blends

Blending Essential Oils are Kind of Like a Symphony Orchestra  

There is a proper way to blend essential oils.  Typically, blending oils is more to enjoy the smell of the blend rather than therapeutic benefit.  However, I believe that a fragrant smell can help you enjoy can also help aid the body to heal more quickly.  The body’s enjoyment of the smell can be a good indicator that the body needs more of a specific oil. We see this a lot in Nutritional Therapy when we are perform something called a functional exam on someone.  The foods and supplements that the body really needs often also really taste good to that person. Essential oils can often work the same way. [Read more…]

2 Essential Oils that May Maintain Healthy Milk Production in Nursing Mothers

Essential Oils for Nursing Moms


Having a baby is such a blessing!  It is such an exciting moment to welcome a new little one into your home.   As mothers we want what is best for our children to grow and thrive.  Nursing can be a wonderful way to give our children our very best, our milk.  All nursing mother’s want to provide a healthy milk supply for their nursing babes.   [Read more…]

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