DIY Homemade Oven Cleaner


I hate cleaning my oven and I hate bug bites.  [Read more…]

Lavender Citrus Potty Training Spray :: {toxin-free cleaning solution for child & pet accidents}


Lavender Citrus Potty Training Spray

Yesterday afternoon I ran upstairs when I heard my daughter screaming…

She had already thrown up all over her bed and more was coming up!  Yup, I caught it right in my two little hands.  I guess that most moms know that they are signing up for this kind of dirty work when they decide to have children.  After that little burp in my afternoon, I had an immediate need for cleaning spray in order to get the aftermath out of my carpet.  I pulled out this tried and true recipe for potty training spray.  It is great for throw-up, pee, poop and any other gross things that might find their way into your carpet.   [Read more…]

Don’t Your Wish Your House Could Clean Itself?

self clean

I do!  I wish my house could clean itself.

It can’t.

But, I do have 50 Non-toxic Cleaning Recipes at my fingertips that will clean my home for just pennies.  These 50 Money Saving recipes that work very well and clean my home like magic almost!  It’s a non-toxic kind of magic.  [Read more…]

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