Paleo Kindergarten Lunches {Gluten-free, Grain-Free} — The First Day of School


My oldest baby went to  Kindergarten this morning.

I am so incredibly grateful that God gifted me with this amazing, sweet baby boy.  As he is off to school today I can’t help but be grateful for every second with him, and at the same time grieve a bit over the times that I have been a failure as a mom.    I know, I can’t be a perfect mom.  I tell my children all the time that mommy needs forgiveness too.  But, sometimes during moments like these, it still hurts a little bit to know there are many times that I’ve spoken too harshly to my children and been a frustrated mom.  If only I could stuff some of those words and harsh tones back in my mouth.  

I need forgiveness and grace just like anyone else.  We all need it.  Don’t we?  Just need to keep moving, make changes to do better, ask for grace, and forgiveness.

Children grow up so fast, the moments are so fleeting. This morning it has hit me that my blessings are just too many to count.

I am so grateful for the journey.  Over the past almost 6 years since my baby boy was born we have been through a lot: a very sick husband, unemployment, moves to three different states, three children, doula training, nutritional therapy training, a transition to real foods and natural remedies, health, healing, lots of traveling for hubby’s job, and now our transition into self-employment.  I am so excited for our future.

Kindergarten Lunch


Now, that I’m all teary eyed and sappy since my dimpled, tenderhearted boy is on his way to school, I am super excited to bring my wonderful readers a series on Kindergarten Paleo lunches all gluten-free, and grain-free. Sometimes being a natural mama isn’t easy.  Isn’t that why a lot of people can’t seem to get away from processed convince foods?  They are just so darn easy!   I hope this new series help you pack nutritious and easy lunches for your kiddos as you send them to school.    Life can be stressful.  Lunch doesn’t have to be. 



I packed my son’s lunch in a PlanetBox.  I LOVE THIS THING!  It is not cheap, but I think he can use this thing right up through elementary school (maybe high school). I am pretty sure we will get our money’s worth out of it.  It actually made me excited to get to lunch packing.

Is it dorky that it makes me want to share more school lunches with you?   I didn’t buy one for my girls for preschool because it was so expensive, that I love it so much that I’m seriously thinking about saving the funds to purchase two more.  Wouldn’t you eat all your lunch if you mom packed it in one of these?

You can purchase a PlanetBox HERE.

What did I pack for baby boy’s first lunch?

Trail mix – Raw cashews (soaked and dried, dried fruit mix, rainbow candy – basically m&ms with natural colors)

Carrot sticks

Unsweetened applesauce ( I mixed in some pumpkin pie spice from Mountain Rose Herbs, yummy!)

A Bubbies Pickle (You can buy them here.)

Applegate Pepperoni

We fed him breakfast, got him dressed, packed his lunch, oiled him up with lemon, lavender and peppermint and BAM sent him off on his first day of school just like that.   

Well, here is to new beginnings and having a child in elementary school.

Stay tuned for the next lunch boxes in this series.

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