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Have you Unlocked the Power of Essential Oils with Your Family?

Maybe you have seen all the hype about essential oils and have kind of been on the fence about pursuing essential oils.  Maybe, you just think essential oils are some crazy gimmick and haven’t really become a believer quite yet.  Maybe you see that they are a huge trend and you don’t really want to jump on the wagon just because everyone else is doing it.  Maybe you are afraid of the power of essential oils and don’t know how to use them and feel overwhelmed with starting.

I completely understand. I do!  I want to help you!

I have never really been one for following crazy trends when it seems like everyone is doing it.  But, I really feel like this trend is different from others.  I get excited because I feel like essential oils are helping people to think more naturally minded and about what they put in and on their body.  I get excited because I feel like this trend really is making people get healthier as well as helping  them to buy less (or get rid of all together) over the counter meds (and maybe prescription too) which are just band-aiding their problems and making them worse.

One of my greatest passions is to help people experience whole health.  I want you to experience it, and I want your family to experience it.  

That is why I do what I do.

Here is how I can help you.

I provide an essential oils facebook learning group where you can ask questions.  You can learn and grow in order to use essential oils safely and effectively for your family!  I also provide a information document on how to use the oils in  your starter kit upon sign up.

I really love this product, so it has been the easiest thing ever for me to talk about to my readers.  It is no secret that I LOVE these oils!  I just want to scream how great they are all the time!

The testimonials run far and wide to help the below health issues and more!

  • eczema
  • headaches
  • digestive struggles
  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • cuts
  • bruises
  • arthritis
  • immune issues
  • sore muscles
  • fatigue
  • respiratory issues
  • ADD and ADHD
  • concentration issues
  • and much more!

Not only that, but you can use them for non-toxic cleaning around your home.  You can also use them to make DIY healthy personal care products.  The uses are endless! (AND, Completely amazing!!!)

Today is a special day!

I’m giving away a FREE gorgeous diffuser necklace and a Essential oils pocket reference guide with the Purchase of a Premium Starter Kit.  In order to score these awesome items you must sign up with my distributor number #1440595.  Just follow the links HERE.   This awesome flash sale is good from now until 11:59 pm EST, tonight March 31st.    This special offer is a $25 value!   This is an offer for US residents only!

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