Introducing the Thieves Premium Starter Kit


Did you know??

There is a way to STOCK UP ON THIEVES and get started with a Young Living membership all at the same time?

Yup, you can get all the discounts and benefits of a Young Living membership, just by stocking up on Thieves products! 

My favorite immune supporting weapon for the winter time.

Young Living is known for its Thieves essential oils blend because it is one of the most amazing immune supporting, yuck fighting blends ever known.  Many companies have tried to duplicate Thieves oil blend, but I personally haven’t found a single one that compares to the powerful properties that this mind-blowing blend has to offer.

You may have heard of how amazing Thieves essential oil is, but you may not know how to use it or all that Young Living has to offer with this blend.

Thieves essential oil blend gets its name from the legend of the 15th century thieves who robbed the bodies of the dead and dying during the plagues.  When the thieves were caught, the king offered them leniency if they told their secret for not contracting the disease. These thieves were spice merchants disclosed a recipe of herbs, spices and oils that is similar to todays Thieves essential oil blend.

The Thieves oil blend consists of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary.  Each of these essential oils are known for their very powerfu properties as you might imagine and I can’t imagine a winter time without them!

Studies conducted at Webster State University during 1997 reveals the fantastic killing power against airborne microorganisms.   These studies demonstrated that airborne germs were killed at a rate of 99.96% after just 12 minutes of diffusing Thieves essential oil. (See source.)

Not only does Thieves work in amazing ways for the family this time of year, it also has a blissful fall smell and when diffused with Orange essential oil will blow your mind!

Don’t you think it is about time to get you some? 

I am SO VERY SURE you will never, ever regret getting started with Young Living this way!

I have used Thieves essential oil during the past winter and have seen AH-MAZING results in the health of my family!  Thieves essential oils truly is one of those natural tools you need your toolbox to fight the winter yuckies!

You maybe be a little bit familiar with Young Living essential oils by reading the blogoshere.  You may be aware that they carry a Premium Starter Kit that consists of 11 – 5 ml bottles of both single essential oils and blends, a diffuser, learning material and samples.  You can read more about that here for a super fantastic price I might add.

What you may not know is that Young Living also offers this immune supporting Thieves Premium Starter Kit that can ROCK your winter time for the better.

Here is what this awesome kit includes:

  • TWO bottles of Young Living’s Thieves concentrated cleaner – Just a capful does the trick!  Both of these bottles are worth 28 bottles each of fantastic cleaning power!!!!!
  • TWO bottles of Thieves hand soap – Yup, just kill the germs, ALL the germs!!!
  • ONE 15 ml Bottle of Thieves Essential Oils blend
  • TWO Thieves waterless hand purifiers
  • TWO bottles of Thieves spray – TOTALLY awesome for sanitizing surfaces while you are out, door handles, shopping cart handles, table tops, etc. etc.
  • ONE Thieves toothpaste – AMAZING!  I LOVE this stuff!
  • ONE Thieves mouthwash
  • One 5 ml bottle of Stress Away essential oils
  • Sample packets of the most popular Young Living essential oils
  • 2 Ningxia Red packets which are amazing for immune boosting as well
  • Reading material

You get all this for only $150 which is an AMAZING value!!!!  It will totally boost immunity over the winter season.  

If you purchase a kit today, I will send you a 400 page essential oils reference guide which is totally valuable in getting started on your EO journey AND if you email me and mention this post after you sign up I will also give you one of these amazing diffuser necklaces!

Please email me after you purchase to get this promotion.  This is a special offer for the Thieves PSK.

Plus, let’s not forget the Ah-mazing support you will gain by joining the Revolution Oils team.  You will get access to our Facebook group, training materials and although there is no obligation at all to start a business with Young Living if you desire to make a little extra money we offer fantastic support for that too!

free gifts

 Ok, I’m ready.  How do I order?

In order to purchase the brand new Thieves Premium Starter kit all you have to do is click…


1.  If that big button doesn’t work click HERE to enroll.

2. Make sure you click on VIEW ALL STARTER KITS at the bottom.

3. Then just input your information!

4. Email me at rootedblessings [at] if you have any problems or need any help at all!  I’ll be happy to help. And, don’t forget to email me if you enroll with a Thieves Premium Starter Kit and I’ll be sure to send you the free goodies!

Now, I know that some of you are thinking… what if I’m already a member?  Can I still order the Thieves Premium Starter Kit?

Yes!  Yes, you can order a Thieves Premium Starter Kit.  Just click on Quick Order in the NEW virtual office and you can add it to your cart by making a regular order.  

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  1. Jennifer Graham says:

    I read where you can’t use Thieves while breastfeeding, why? I do diffuse it in my classroom, but am I doing harm to my body? Is my baby going to get sick or something wrong with it because I have used it? Why do they tell you you can’t use it while breastfeeding? Am I ok if I put it on my feet while at work, or is it doing something harmful to my milk and my baby?

    • Becky Webb says:

      You will find all kind of opinions out there. I have personally used Thieves during breastfeeding, but you may want to do your own research to feel comfortable using it. I also know many moms who use it while they are pregnant. From what I have read not to use it during breastfeeding may be a more conservative opinion. Do you have the Gentle Babies book? It is a great resource!

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