How to Turn a Breech Baby Naturally


Most medical professionals do not know how to deliver a breech baby these days.

There was a time in history when medical professionals were trained well on how to deliver a breech infant.  That practice and training is now nearly nonexistent in the United States today even though many babies can be delivered safely in breech position.  The truth is that delivering breech can come with its risks but, so can a c-section. I’ve recently come across several threads on Facebook from certain friends that have been curious how to turn a breech baby.  The majority of the comments typically have to do with either an immediate c-section or a doctor attempting to do a version.

Don’t get me wrong a version sometimes does work.  However, a version is most often very emotional and painful for the mother experiencing it the medical procedure.  I would rather clients not have to go through that if possible.

What is a version?

According to WebMD, (source) the pregnant mother is given a tocolytic medicine to relax the uterus and prevent uterine contractions. The most commonly used medicine for this procedure is called terbutaline. The doctor then takes both hands, one at the head and one on the rear and attempts to turn the baby into head down position.

This procedure can be very stressful, emotional and painful for the mother.  Especially if the procedure does not work.  What many pregnant mother’s don’t know is that there are many natural methods in order to turn a breech baby and a doctor attempting to turn a breech little one should be a very last resort.  Some babies are even known to turn from breech during labor.

Natural methods in order to turn a breech baby naturally can work very well at times and sometimes do not work due to one reason or another.  In the past, I have had some clients who have not been able to get their baby to turn due to either a cord that is too short, or a benign growth in the belly where the baby could not turn.

Natural Methods for Turning a Breech Baby

Webster Technique from a Trained Chiropractor: The Webster Technique is a gentle non-force chiropractic technique that has shown to be effective for woman during pregnancy and has also been shown to improve overall birth experiences.  A Chiropractor who is part of the ICPA may be trained in the Webster Technique and use it regularly. You can search for them here. 

Handstands in a Pool:  One midwife told me that this is one of the best ways to turn babies.  Baby is in water, you are in water.  Flip.

A Father’s voice:  If daddy would talk to baby at the bottom of the abdomen baby may turn toward’s daddy’s voice.

A Warm Bath:  Sitting in a very warm bath has been known to turn some babies as they move towards the warm water.

Peppermint Essential OilPeppermint Essential oil: Apply peppermint oil in a rainbow motion to the top of the belly.  It is said that the cooling of the skin can cause a baby to want to turn its head away in the opposite direction.  I have read several accounts of this working to help baby turn into the proper head down position.

Please note: I only recommend 100% pure peppermint essential oil.  It is important that the peppermint oil comes from farms that have not been sprayed with any pesticides.  I recommend Young Living because they are very potent, pure and have not had any pesticides used on the land in 50 years or more.  Do be careful with peppermint essential oil if you struggle with high blood pressure. (Get peppermint oil here.)

Positions to help baby Turn: 

The Inversion – The Inversion can help get baby in the optimal position for birth.  It can give baby ample room and free space in order to move into the correct positioning.

Breech Tilt – This position a mother can begin doing at 30 weeks gestation unless her medical professional has a concern for her.  It can be practiced 1-3 times a day in order to turn a breech baby.

Remember, sometimes babies don’t turn for one reason or another.  It is important to practice relaxation and stress relief techniques in order to allow yourself to help ease the tension.  Anxiety and worry can be your worst enemy.  Childbirth is often a mental game.  Help baby feel relaxed and at ease by allowing yourself to relax.  Allow others to care for you and take care of yourself.  This may also help baby to feel comfortable enough to move into a head down position.



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  1. Great tips hanks specialy belive in the pool method
    Peluche recently posted…Más tierno que un pelucheMy Profile

  2. Hi Becky, my friend wants to try the peppermint oil for her baby that is breech, how many applications are usually needed or does it vary? Thanks!!
    Jennifer recently posted…Thumbprint Cookies (Vegan and Gluten-Free)My Profile

    • Becky Webb says:

      Hi Jennifer. It varies from person to person, sometimes it only takes one. I would have her apply it in a rainbow motion over the top of her belly.

  3. To be honest, if you are really bound to be CS, nothing will change even if you do this things. I speak from personal experience. I didn’t want to be cs on my third child. I’ve been normal with my 2 kids so even if the pain is excruciating, I would prefer it no matter what. But with my third child, I was like breech on my third trimester and it didn’t change even if I did so many of these you’ve mentioned. But to each his own right? It might work to some. Thanks for your post. Love your blog!

  4. Don’t forget about Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Depending on the gestational week, I have over a 75% success rate with clients. It’s safe, and causes no increased risks of cord entanglement or knotting like ECV.

  5. My wife has twins,one is breech the other is normal. How can she turn the breech baby without affecting the other. Thanks

    • Becky Webb says:

      Hi Nathaniel, I am not an expert on that. I would try some of the same techniques like Chiropractic to relax the body and being in a warm bath with the bottom of the belly immersed in the water so baby can turn their head towards warmth.


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