How to Prepare Rice that Nourishes Your Family



Rice is such an easy and wonderful side dish to prepare if you can tolerate grains.  Rice goes with just about everything!   It doesn’t matter if you chose to prepare white rice or brown rice, it is your choice. I believe that both can be suitable for a healthy diet that can tolerate it.  It is super easy to prepare rice in such a way that it will nourish your family.

Here are a few of my favorite options to prepare a nourishing rice dish:

1. Soak your rice. Soak 2 cups of rice along with 4 cups of water.  Add 4 tablespoons of whey.  Soak in a warm spot for 7 hours or more.  Once you are ready to prepare your rice, drain water and replace with 2.5 cups of fresh water or bone broth. Add any extras you might like to your dish and simmer.  Soaking rice does seem most helpful for brown rice with a chewy texture.  Soaking is helpful in neutralizing phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that can make grains difficult to digest.

If it isn’t in your cookbook library make sure you grab Nourishing Traditions for more info on soaking grains.  —> Where to find

If you are anything like me, you’d love to remember to soak your rice for 7 hours. But, you have small children or many other things going on and you rarely remember to soak your rice at all much less for these long hours.  I feel the freedom to remind busy moms and individuals, don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t remember to soak your rice.  You can still serve rice to your family.

How you can make rice nourishing even if you don’t soak it:

2. Add bone broth to your rice. Make fresh bone broth with your left over chicken bones and add 2 cups of bone broth for each cup of rice.  Simmer bone broth and add rice and cook until tender.  Bone Broth is very rich in minerals and often naturally rich in collagen which is helpful for gut healing.  If you do decide to soak your rice you can also add bone broth to it during the cooking phase.

3. Add Kombu to your cooking rice.  Kombu is a seaweed that is also very rich in minerals.  You can add Kombu whole to the pot or rice cooker while your rice is simmering.  Once you are finished cooking your grains you can just put the Kombu in the compost pile.  You don’t have to eat it and it doesn’t change the flavor of the rice. —-> where to find

You can pick and choose just one or more of the items above to prepare your rice.  I know your family will love it and there will be more nutritional value from this easy, starchy, side dish. Increase the nutritional value even further by adding fresh herbs like cilantro, garlic or parsley.

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