Don’t Get Stressed Over Feeding Your Family: Save 30% on Meal Plans

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Do you get stressed about feeding your family healthy food?

I have to admit, I do!

I know, I know.  I’m the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, right?

You’d think that I’d have it all together when it comes to feeding my family.

I don’t always have it together and the truth is that without a plan it is very hard to eat healthy and stay within our family budget.  I’m sure that you can relate.

It really can get stressful when you are trying to feed your family healthy foods and you just aren’t ready for dinner time when dinner times comes.

What is the best solution to this problem, you ask?

Yes, yes you can make your own meal plans and not pay someone else to do it.  But, if you are anything like me, making up meal plans takes you lots of time that you don’t really have to spend.  That is why you keep going to the grocery store with an incomplete or no list at all.  Every money-saving person will tell you that this is definitely not a good idea.  You will almost always spend more than you want to if you don’t have a list.

If you are also like me, you just simply don’t have the time to run to sit and plan meals.  If you are working out of the home, working from home, or just taking care of your littles.  If you are juggling a million things and dinner stresses you out, it is just not worth it to do it yourself when there are so many fantastic resources available.

Holistic Squid Meal Plans

Why these and not some other meal plans, you ask?

1. The meals are absolutely fantastic!  She has little ones, and so do I!  It gives me confidence that if her little ones love the meals in her plan then so will mine.  It hasn’t failed me yet.

2.  She does a great job of using up leftovers. I really like how you don’t have to buy lots of obscure ingredients, the plans are fresh, and seasonal.  This saves time and money at the grocery store so you aren’t spend a time.

3. The plans are extremely user-friendly! Super, duper easy to follow grocery lists and plans make everything easier.

4. The meal plans are seasonal! The best nutrition for both you and your family will be getting really fresh ingredients.  I’m not talking grocery store ingredients, I’m talking produce that comes out of your back yard or from a local farm.  The nutrient content is so much higher than food that travels across the country.

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So, what are you goals during this new year?  Eat Healthier? Save Money?

You can accomplish both with the Holistic Squid meal plans.

These dinners are both simple and nutritious.  They come complete with a grocery shopping lists so it is easy to just grab the ingredients and start cooking.  No more last-minute trips to get take out.  It will be easy to grab everything you need for a healthy, happy family.

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Make this the healthiest and most stress free year yet!

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