6 Easy Ways to Assist the Body in Gentle Detox


I have to tell you a secret… 

I had not worked out since my 2nd child was born… until today! Whoopee!  I’m just so excited that my husband twisted my arm I went and worked out.

Actually, I have had this crazy urge to sweat.  I think I have felt kind of a burning desire to help my body detox.  Probably because it has been THAT long since I’ve worked out and I didn’t want to do any full body detox during nursing or pregnancy. [Read more…]

How to Turn a Breech Baby Naturally


Most medical professionals do not know how to deliver a breech baby these days.

There was a time in history when medical professionals were trained well on how to deliver a breech infant.  That practice and training is now nearly nonexistent in the United States today even though many babies can be delivered safely in breech position.  The truth is that delivering breech can come with its risks but, so can a c-section. I’ve recently come across several threads on Facebook from certain friends that have been curious how to turn a breech baby.  The majority of the comments typically have to do with either an immediate c-section or a doctor attempting to do a version. [Read more…]

Special Webinar Event: How to Use Essential Oils for an Amazing Pregnancy and Birth

So, you are expecting?  Congratulations!!!!

This live event has passed, BUT you can watch the replay on the link below.  Check it out!

Ever since I started using essential oils, several months ago with the clients that I Doula, every single one has been amazed at the healing powers of essential oils.   It hasn’t taken much besides allow them to use my oils to make them believers.  And, each one of those clients are so thankful that I introduced them to this wonderful world of natural healing for pregnancy and childbirth discomforts without the use of over the counter or prescription drugs. 

[Read more…]

How Your Sugar Cravings May Keep You from a Normal Labor


I really enjoy being a childbirth Doula.

It is so satisfying to be able to support a mother throughout the process of her birth.  But, as much as I enjoy supporting moms in order to achieve the birth of their dreams I also get devastated for the mamas when birth doesn’t quite go as planned and mamas have to endure medical interventions that they don’t desire. [Read more…]

The Nourished Living Summit – FREE online Natural Parenting Online Health Event


I am in multiple parenting forums and I work with moms on a regular basis as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a childbirth Doula. I KNOW the questions that moms are asking, I have blogged about a few, and I have asked many of them myself.   The Nourished Living Summit has so many of the answers you have been looking for.  These experts listed are qualified professionals that can help you with your parenting struggles, help you to be a better parent, and get the information you need for a healthy family. [Read more…]

The Perfect Essential Oil Blend for Pregnant Moms and Babies: Gentle Baby Essential Oil


You all know that I love my essential oils.  They are absolutely incredible and can take your family from 0 to 60 in just a matter of days on the journey to healthy living.  I do use essential oils every single day.

I admit to a little bit of an addiction (ok, maybe I have a rather large addiction).  But, you will not believe how amazing the health benefits are for your family.  You can read here about the 10 most popular oils in my collection.  If you had a set of them, believe me, you would be addicted too. [Read more…]

A Meat Aversion During Pregnancy: Why it happens and What to do about it


It is fairly common to moms to gain an aversion to meat during their first trimester of pregnancy and if you are anything like I was during my third pregnancy you may be averted to it over the entire pregnancy (this is not good).  I only wish I would have known what I know now about nutrition in order to get a handle on all my food aversions.  Poor little bean and poor mama.

Consuming the proper amount of protein during pregnancy is incredibly important.  So a meat aversion is not conducive to an optimal pregnancy.  During digestion, proteins convert to amino acids which are necessary to to build tissues, muscles, organs and hair.  You can’t live without them and your baby can’t either.  You need quality protein to produce a healthy, happy little bean.  You also need quality protein to experience an elevated mood and to kick anxiety, and depression to the curb. [Read more…]

How to Use Food & Herbs to Keep Iron Levels Sufficient During Pregnancy

How to Use Herbs and Food to Keep Iron Levels Sufficient during pregnancy

Sufficient Iron levels during pregnancy are so important…

A pregnant woman’s body has an increased need for iron during pregnancy.   Iron is a major component to hemoglobin which is your blood protein that is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body via the blood and to the placenta.  Since iron is a metal, it is imperative that there is balance of it in the body.  Too much iron can be toxic, while too little iron can cause fatigue or anemia. [Read more…]

Think You are “Not Cut Out to Be a Mom?”: How Adrenal Fatigue Can Ruin Your Mothering Mojo

How Adrenal Fatigue Can Ruin Your Mothering Mojo

If I had a quarter for every time a mom said, “I’m just not cut out to be a mom.” I think I’d be rich!  Really, really rich.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said it myself I think I’d be able to pay off my house!

So, if you have ever uttered the words, “I am just not cut out to be a mom”, you are not alone.  And truth be told, you most likely are cut out to be a mom, but you may not have the tools that you need to feel like it. [Read more…]

The Top Cause of Mommy Brain & How to Rid Yourself from Its Curse

Brain by _DJ_ via Creative Commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/flamephoenix1991/8376271918/

Brain by _DJ_ via Creative Commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/flamephoenix1991/8376271918/

Have you ever left your keys in the refrigerator or left the cheese in the kitchen cabinet?  

Even after you had your little one, did you feel like your there was part of your brain must have been extracted by aliens?

Well, you aren’t alone and it doesn’t have to be you anymore.  [Read more…]

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