31 Days to a More Vibrant, Healthy Family | Taking Care of You

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For those of us who have children, many of us get so caught up in taking care of everyone else in the family that we rarely take care of ourselves.

Do you have that problem?

Or, is it just me?  I’m desperately guilty of having difficulty not being able to take care of myself and suffering “for the sake of my family.” Sometimes it feels a little pathetic to think about it really.  I’m always running around concerned about what everyone is eating, doing, if they are happy etc. and I really do forget to take care of myself.  I could make the excuse that I have three preschoolers, but what excuse?  I need to take care of me.   [Read more…]

31 Days to a More Vibrant, Healthy Family | A Practical Guide to Children’s Health

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Let’s Talk About Having A Healthy Child for a Minute…

I know that you want your children to be really healthy, otherwise I don’t think you’d be reading this post.  Sadly, health in our culture is not experienced quite enough – chronic food allergies, runny noses, re-occurring ear infections are far from healthy, but they are considered normal.  If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard  a parent say, “My kids are healthy, they only have normal health problems like ear infections.” I’d be rich!

Yes, I do believe that children need to build up their immune systems.   I do think it is ok and good for children to get sick sometimes. But, should they really get sick that often?  Are re-occurring ear infections, the removal of tonsils, routine antibiotics, tube surgeries, behavioral problems and the like really normal? [Read more…]

31 Days to a More Vibrant, Healthy Family | Pantry Challenge

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Have you made any health goals for the New Year?

If you haven’t yet click over to the first day of our challenge here, and share your goals.

Since I promised to share some of mine for the year, here they are: [Read more…]

31 Days To a More Vibrant, Healthy Family: Introduction

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Happy New Year!

I can’t believe that it is 2014, can you?

I am SO excited about what is in store this year.  Rooted Blessings wants to be your first source for information to help you have a healthier more vibrant family. [Read more…]

Healthy Baby Making Starts Before Conception: A Mom’s Thoughts A Year Post Surgery

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[Read more…]

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