9 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels


Poor energy levels are such a drag, aren’t they?

I mean you have places to go, people to see, and most likely little people to take care of.  At least I do, I have three little people and a husband that I look out for.  Plus, I have a life to live.

I just don’t have time for low energy levels.

The million dollar question is how can I increase my energy levels without resorting to drinking coffee all day long?

It is highly possible that coffee in excess can jack up your gut flora. (Source)

In a world full of adulterated food, inflammation, cancer and autoimmune diseases, no one needs their gut flora messed up more than it already is.  Since disease starts in the gut, let’s talk about some ways to boost energy without partaking of things that will further ruin the gut flora.

Here are 9 Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels when you are feeling like you need a pick me up. 

Drink Ningxia Red Daily – This is one of my favorite energy boosters.  Ningxia Red contains Wolfberries and a proprietary blend of citrus essential oils.   WolfBerries are EXTREMELY nutrient dense and can provide the body with healing benefits by drinking 1-4 ounces each day.  This power house drink can certainly put pep in your step.  You can purchase Ningxia Red with a Young Living membership here.  There are also Ningxia Premium Starter Kits available.

Don’t forget the Ningxia Nitro – Also available from Young Living Ningxia Nitro is a little packet of energy boosting components that are a powerhouse when you need a pick me up!  You can read more about it here.

Cleanse Your Liver – There are so many hormones created in the liver.  The liver is the main detoxification in the body.  A sluggish liver will lead to chronic fatigue and so many other health problems.  Loving your liver can help boost your energy and remove toxins that bog your body down. Read about one way to cleanse your liver here.

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Stress can totally wear down the body and give you that fatigue you can’t get rid of.  Make sure you make your schedule with both work and downtime.  There are many great time management tools out there that are designed to help you plow through the time you need to get things done, and then to rest during the time you need rest.

Get a Better Nights Rest – Turn off the TV at least two hours before bed.  Read a book or play some quieting music.  Make sure you get in bed with the lights out by 10pm if possible.  Make sure your room is dark.

Cut the Sugar – Sugar in the diet is going to deplete your body of Chromium and other nutrient stores that are necessary for a healthy diet.  It can also cause anxiety levels to increase and energy levels to decrease.  Remove sugar from your diet and start to feel better.  If you are in need of sweeteners always go for more natural sweeteners such as grade B maple syrup, raw local honey, date sugar, fruit, or coconut sugar.  But, even those should be eaten in moderation.

Use Essential Oils – If you don’t use essential oils yet, stop waiting!  I love to boost mood by diffusing Peppermint and Lemon together or applying the En-r-gee or Motivation blends to my wrists.  I feel like using essential oils on a regular basis gives me an amazing pick me up!  I think high quality essential oils like Young Living should definitely be part of your daily routine!  I recommend applying these oils topically along with a carrier oil or diffusing them in your home.

Take a B vitamin Supplement – B vitamins are very important in order to help increase energy and regulate blood sugar.  Young Living carries a Super B supplement that is easily absorbed and very helpful in increasing vitamin B levels.  B vitamins can’t be overdosed,  so it is safe to take a supplement and see if they are helpful in getting you moving.  Do take your B supplement  during a meal since they do tend upset an empty stomach.

Eat Protein and Fat  – Everyone is different, but for many people eating protein and fat for breakfast can help start their day off right. One thing to remember, make sure you eat breakfast before 10am.  40% carbs, 30% fats, and 30% protein is a good general rule of thumb for calorie intake.   Also, if you are feeling hungry try to get a protein and fat snack for a pick me up as well.

Having low energy levels is no fun at all.  I have found that adding each of the above suggestions to my daily regimen can help boost my mood and energy levels.  Many of the essential oils and supplements above can be found by joining Young Living.  There are no strings attached to be part of our Young Living Revolution Oils team.  Learn more here.


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