6 Ways to Decrease the Toxic Burden on Your Body


Detox is something that has been on my mind lately.  I’ve realized through working as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and helping individuals work on their foundations such as digestion, blood sugar balance, and hydration that in order to help balance their body systems fully, there are toxic elements that need to be expelled and detoxed from the body in order to function properly.  

Living in the world today there is enormous toxic pull on our bodies through our environment and the foods that we eat.  There are constantly things we do that will add a toxic burden to our body, and congest our liver.

So, if everything around us is so toxic, what can we do to decrease our toxic burden?  Decreasing our toxic burden will also directly help us to encourage healthy cells throughout our body which may help to decrease our risk of cancers.

Here are 6 ways that you can improve your health by decreasing the toxic burden on your body:

1. Eat Plenty of Salt – Yes, salt does help you detox.  Dr. Brownstein, MD who is an expert on Holistic healing for Thyroid disorders encourage intake of salt to help his patients detox their body properly.  I recommend only unrefined salts such as Real Salt or Pink Himalayan salts.

Don’t listen to all the hype about adopting a low salt diet.  Refined salt does cause lots of problems, but unrefined salt can help detox your body of Bromine which your body collects through using a cell phone, drinking some soft drinks and more.  Make sure you read Dr. Brownstein’s book Salt Your Way to Health to find out more.


2.  Get Rid of Chemical Laden Personal Care and Makeup Products – Did you know that most of the store bought personal care products such as shampoo, hand soaps, makeup, and others have lots of chemicals that are known to not be safe?  Yup, it is true.  Yet many people continue to use them.   It took Johnson and Johnson until THIS year to get rid of a toxic chemical called Quaternium-15 which is known as a formeldahyde releasing preservative and that is a BABY product.  Their new and improved formula doesn’t look much better to me either, but what do I know?

I run for the hills when it comes to many of these personal hair products and make ups.  If it is taken them until just now to “improve” a baby product what you do think is happening with the average product.  I kind of want to throw up in my mouth a little when I read ingredient labels.

If you are interested in reducing your toxic burden and making some of your own awesome beauty care products check out DIY Organic Beauty Care Recipes.

3. Eat Organic or at least steer clear of the Dirty Dozen –  I would even venture to say, don’t worry about certified organic since they actually have a lot of government approved pesticides sprayed on them.  Find a local farm where you can purchased just natural ‘ole organic produce with out the organic label.  I guarantee you your local farmer, who is convicted not to use pesticides, is growing some good stuff for you.  It will most likely cost less than that FDA organic certified produce you pay for at the grocery store.

4. Eat meat that is raised by local farms – If you are eating meat from sick antibiotic pumped animals then you are feeding yourself sick meat that is also feeding your cells.  Look for farmers who can provide you with healthy meat that is from well cared for animals.  This will feed your cells healthy food and drastically decrease the toxic burden on your body.

5. Avoid Plastics – Plastics leach chemicals in your water and your food.  Plastics leach lots and lots of chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system.  Heated plastics will especially cause this problem.  If you can, stay away from plastic and plastic water bottles.  PABA may no longer be included in many plastic products, but it has been replaced with other chemicals that have not been throughly tested.  Find a glass water bottle such as this one to use instead.

6. Use Natural Non-toxic cleaning products –  I use Young Livings Thieves Cleaner (which I LOVE)  and I also make my own healthy cleaning products. When cleaning your home with these products you ingest and absorb them, and store bought cleaning products have super YUCKY ingredients!  You can find some fantastic recipes in the book DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes.

Decreasing the toxic burden on your body can help you feel better faster.  It will allow your body to feel healthy and be healthy.  If you are diligent in getting rid of the toxins in your environment you will increase your chances of enjoying better health, having more energy, and living longer.



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