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For those of us who have children, many of us get so caught up in taking care of everyone else in the family that we rarely take care of ourselves.

Do you have that problem?

Or, is it just me?  I’m desperately guilty of having difficulty not being able to take care of myself and suffering “for the sake of my family.” Sometimes it feels a little pathetic to think about it really.  I’m always running around concerned about what everyone is eating, doing, if they are happy etc. and I really do forget to take care of myself.  I could make the excuse that I have three preschoolers, but what excuse?  I need to take care of me.  

And, you need to take care of yourself too. 

The truth is your family really can’t be healthy without you being healthy.  I have a really hard time getting that through my own head.  I hope that it is not as difficult for you as it has been for me.

Today, take some time to yourself.  If you can’t take time to yourself

Here are a few ideas

  • get a massage
  • go out with a girlfriend
  • go shopping by yourself
  • get a manicure
  • go to a movie
  • read a book in a quiet room

Do you have any other ideas?  What is your favorite thing to do to care for yourself?

I was looking through the books for the recent Harvest Your Health ebook bundle and I just thought this one looked fantastic.

Salve-Made-SimpleSalve Made Simple is a book full of simple natural salves that will help you to pamper yourself.  The salves in the book are super easy and not at all labor intensive so they won’t drain the time that is precious to you.  They will pamper you, relax you, and save you money.

Here are a few salves that are included in the book.

  • dream salve (there are two of these)
  • menstrual cramp relief salve
  • breath easy salve
  • sweat be gone salve
  • & many more!

There are even salves in this book that you can use to take care of your family.  But, today I want you to focus on taking care of you!

Salve Made Simple is a wonderful resource that can be purchased with the Harvest Your Health bundle along with A Practical Guide to Children’s Health, 50 other useful resources, meal plans, online magazines, and discount coupons.  It really is a fabulous deal if you feel like this book is something that you want to own.  

You can check out the entire bag of goodies by clicking the button below.  There is also a giveaway that includes a flight to Hawaii!  Eek! Click the button below and to the giveaway to enter! 



 Assignment #3

Today, plan something today or this week to take care of yourself!  Do it!  If you have extra money, get a massage.  (That reminds me I still have a Christmas present to redeem) Or, plan something this week to just enjoy being alone, or go out with a girlfriend and have a good time.)  Make it a priority to take time to yourself.

Leave a comment below of what you are going to do this week to take time out for yourself.  I’d love to know what your plans are. 

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