15 Ways to Get More Fat in Your Diet

15 Ways to Get More Fat In Your Diet

If you were old enough to feed yourself 80’s and 90’s you are most likely fat-phobic.

Fat phobia is tragic, really. 

Being afraid of fat has been ingrained in our heads.  We have this false notion that fat is absolutely horrible for us, we try not to go anywhere near it.  Decreasing the good fat in our diet has been devastating for the health of our families and our nation. When the mainstream medical community started encouraging American’s to start eating fat-free, the health of our country has tanked even faster. Suddenly we were fearful of getting heart attacks and getting fat.  We started stocking up on margarine and fat-free cookies to get away from the “fat monster”.   And, instead of decreasing heart attacks and fat people we are sicker and fatter than ever before.

Good fats in our diet are what decrease inflammation and balance our hormones.  They are completely necessary for a healthy life.  Fat satiates you and keeps you feeling fuller longer.  Adequate fat in the diet will help you keep your blood sugar balanced which will in turn keep you from getting heart disease.  It will also keep you from obesity and from your body getting diabetes.  Your cells are insulated with it and your organs are protected with it. Pregnant woman need lots of fat for their developing child.  If they don’t get enough healthy fat in their diet then the body will pull fat from their brain and give it to baby.  This is what causes mommy brain.

Do you see how important it is to supply your diet with good wholesome fats?  If you fail to do so, you body will also fail to work properly.   So get off the low-fat and no-fat train.  It is literally killing you, it is making you depressed, and it is making you crave fried foods that really are making you sicker too!

A good rule of thumb is to keep about 30% of the calories in your diet  good healthy fats in order to keep your body systems properly balanced.

Here are 15 easy ways to easily supply your diet with the fat that it needs to function properly.

1. Throw a spoonful of coconut oil or bacon grease into soup.

2. Add coconut oil or coconut cream to your smoothies.

3. Cook your eggs in butter!

4. Roast and Saute your veggies in butter, or bacon grease.

5. Eat Full Fat dairy and cheese.

7. Eat whole eggs.

8. Make Your Own Mayonnaise

9. Eat avocados and guacamole.

10. Add cream to your coffee.

11. Add coconut oil or coconut cream to your tea

12. Snack on soaked and dehydrated nuts

13. Make Healthy Buttermints

14. Make some Paleo Chocolate Mortar

15. Take Cod Liver Oil. (I recommend this brand.)

Now that you have added more fats to your diet, I know you will feel a difference.  If you don’t feel a difference you are not digesting your fats properly.  I offer Nutritional Therapy support to help individuals sift through these challenges.

Do you have any other great ideas on how to get that fat in your diet?  I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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  1. I love to use coconut oil and even eat coconut butter straight out of the jar to get in extra healthy fat into my diet!
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  2. Love the idea of adding coconut oil to soup and tea. I’ve been trying to add more to my diet and these are great easy ways to do it!
    Lori recently posted…2 Easy DIY EyeShadow Primer Natural AlternativesMy Profile

  3. We do all of these! Good fats for healthy little brains over. 🙂
    Jessica recently posted…Five Easy Ways to move Lymph FluidMy Profile

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